Ethnography of the Chav

Chav women enjoy having their nails and hair done. They must look like they have money and often wear fake gold jewelry in order to pull off this farce. Chav men and women alike enjoy living in social housing complexes (projects), wearing Adidas and Nike branded clothing, having cheap vehicles with overdone modifications and rims; and listening to a loud mix of Hollywood produced canned gangsta rap, Celine Dion, and current pop music. Both males and females wear track clothing without ever actually exercising, and the women have a love of the color hot pink as well as an over- abuse of makeup. I have also heard that they enjoy spending their days hanging out at McDonalds.

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About cassidyclay1

I am one of those people that vacations outside of tourist destinations in order to get a real feel for what an area is like beyond the polished lies they plaster all over tourism guides. I am also one of those people that considers a “vacation” to be something that is a minimum of three months long and that sometimes stretches to years. I enjoy getting to know the real people (usually). I entrench myself in a society. I learn how they cook their foods, their customs, their peeves, their ways of being, and most of all – I learn their secrets and how they really live when no one is looking.

3 responses to “Ethnography of the Chav”

  1. thechuygrande says :

    I had to look up “chav.” This is interesting. I like when folks break through the facade of a city. Here in Los Angeles, you are bombarded with billboards of beautiful people as some individual panhandles for heroin underneath the sign. The irony makes me laugh. A lot. Well done!


  2. FlutePlayer says :

    Know thyself.


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