Social Darwinism on Crack Cocaine

Since the chavs are the only voices heard, those are the ones the children chose to style themselves after. I give England two more generations before there is nothing left but the chavs. It is sad and disheartening to watch these empty downtrodden and beaten ghosts as they disappear amongst a sea of brash violence and stupidity.


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About cassidyclay1

I am one of those people that vacations outside of tourist destinations in order to get a real feel for what an area is like beyond the polished lies they plaster all over tourism guides. I am also one of those people that considers a “vacation” to be something that is a minimum of three months long and that sometimes stretches to years. I enjoy getting to know the real people (usually). I entrench myself in a society. I learn how they cook their foods, their customs, their peeves, their ways of being, and most of all – I learn their secrets and how they really live when no one is looking.

2 responses to “Social Darwinism on Crack Cocaine”

  1. ionakathryn says :

    Are you seriously labelling people ‘chavs’. Sure, there is certain categorisation but that’s quite a statement you make there!


    • cassidyclay1 says :

      If it dresses like a chav, smokes crack like a chav and beats its children loudly behind bus stop walls like the bus stop walls can’t be seen through (or around) – then yeah, it is a chav. Such is life.


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