Child Abuse

With parenting like that as a role model, the children grow up to be loud, violent creatures that only behave when they feel as if they are in a situation that calls for it. This is referred to as “behavioral issues” and is of course not considered to be due to the parents’ behavior at all. Often the neighborhood is blamed: “Johnny would be a good boy and wouldn’t have started using crack cocaine at age twelve if we had lived in a better neighborhood.” is a common excuse, usually given when the child has turned sixteen or seventeen and is facing criminal charges for murdering their own child “accidentally.”… Do not jeopardize your children by leaving them in the care of these  people. British nannies are not Mary Poppins.

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I am one of those people that vacations outside of tourist destinations in order to get a real feel for what an area is like beyond the polished lies they plaster all over tourism guides. I am also one of those people that considers a “vacation” to be something that is a minimum of three months long and that sometimes stretches to years. I enjoy getting to know the real people (usually). I entrench myself in a society. I learn how they cook their foods, their customs, their peeves, their ways of being, and most of all – I learn their secrets and how they really live when no one is looking.

8 responses to “Child Abuse”

  1. Anna Waldherr says :

    Thank you for the follow. I have been reading through your commentary on British society. Best wished on the blog and your book.


  2. Suzanne says :

    I just wanted to say that not all kids brought up being abused by people they live with grow up with behavior problems or begin hurting their own children. I’m the first one to be an advocate against domestic violence/abuse. Ive been on disability for PTSD bcz I’ve suffered . But in a very kind way, I need to say that its not always true. I am an example of a very good person who had straight A’s all through school, went to College and graduated in a helping field. I married an abuser, had 2 kids and was forced to leave and raise them alone for the most part. I never would touch a hair on their heads or anyone’s for that matter. I’ve never had behavior problems. But i won’t say that I dont have abuse issues like the nightmares, PTSD, fear etc..I’m not upset or anything..i just wanted people to know that abused kids don’t always turn out to be abusive…but I do like your blog, thank you


  3. Nancy DeLaval Miller says :

    Thanks for taking a stand against child abuse and for following itsmindbloggleing.


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