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I have to say that I am quite honored.  I didn’t really know how this all was going to go. I have to admit that the book was mainly written as a form of therapy in order to get over my Post-England-Stress-Disorder, but I hope it proves entertaining and useful for my readers as well 🙂



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About cassidyclay1

I am one of those people that vacations outside of tourist destinations in order to get a real feel for what an area is like beyond the polished lies they plaster all over tourism guides. I am also one of those people that considers a “vacation” to be something that is a minimum of three months long and that sometimes stretches to years. I enjoy getting to know the real people (usually). I entrench myself in a society. I learn how they cook their foods, their customs, their peeves, their ways of being, and most of all – I learn their secrets and how they really live when no one is looking.

5 responses to “100+ likes!”

  1. clericcowan says :

    Congratulations Cassidy! Here, have a song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLQS1E7ZaqA


  2. clericcowan says :

    I’ve got a book idea that I’d like to share with you sometime. Is there an email address I can reach you at?


  3. IdealisticRebel says :

    Congratulations to you. Wonderful job! Hugs, Barbara


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